Monday, March 26, 2007

girls always date jerks

We've all heard it said. Chicks always go for the assholes. Nice guys lose, you know the story.

Always pisses me the hell off.

Like nice guys don't date banshees? Don't we all hear about the stereotype of the overbearing nagging wife? Same song, different dance. Women just don't bitch they same. They just talk trash behind each other’s backs. Quietly. (Ah, the subtle differences of the gender wars.)

But lets put it in perspective. It isn't that love is defined as masochists and sadists, by opposites attracting, or even power struggles. What makes it happen is way more basic.

Somebody has to make the move.

It is just that simple. Jerks are the guys who ask the girls out, who act confident and because they believe they are hot stuff can charm the girl. Overbearing wenches are manipulative women who capitalize on the chivalry of men. The types of people who can take advantage of nice people sometimes do. Sad fact of life.

So let's make a pact. Stop being that person complaining that you are the good guy screwed because you are nice. Because it is one of two things. Either you need admit you have been lacking in the advance department, or maybe you should realize that you aren't so nice after all. And yes, I have met assholes that thought they were the nice guy. Irony in life I suppose.

Still have your doubts? Look at me. I don't date jerks. And I rock.




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