Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So besides loving destination NYE (which I still will post about!!) I also adore destination birthdays. And being that my birthday is four days after Vday if I can be gone then too it is a major bonus.

Of course now that I am a proud owner and user of a Passport I am itching to get some more stamps.

One idea I had was to go to a week long yoga retreat in Costa Rica. All inclusive vegetarian meals and two classes a day. Problem was that it was two grand before airfare. Ouch.

Today I received an email with London airfare sales. Total round trip with two free nights in a hotel for five hundred bucks. This I could do in more of a long weekend, four or five nights.

Then on a whim I checked the yoga retreat and they are having a recession special - it is down to nineteen hundred bucks WITH the airfare.

I'm torn. Right now I'm leaning toward London because it is shorter and cheaper. But on the other hand Costa Rica is warm and sunny this time of year. And yoga is good for you.

Decisions, decisions.


Darius said...

If you've never flown into England, keep in mind that they have the highest arrival/departure airport fees that aren't factored into the cost of the ticket. I flew into there several years ago on a $300 ticket that cost me almost as much in airport fees. Another warning...London (England in general) is EXTREMELY expensive relative to the rest of the world. Noting is cheap there and the exchange rate sucks!


Paul said...

On a positive note, there is no better beer than a pint of hand pulled English Ale. Plus the dollar is the best its been against the pound since 2001. Hand pulled English Ale. I'm just sayin....